We are committed to building healthy communities all over the world, ushering in the new age of outdoor training…


Since 2016, we have expanded our offerings to include outdoor fitness, a dynamic and rapidly growing field. What sets our devices apart is the ability for users to adjust the training weight, a unique feature unparalleled anywhere in the world. This innovation is our exclusive know-how, enabling us to inspire both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a penchant for outdoor training. StreetBarbell Outdoor Gyms transcend the concept of traditional gyms by providing more than just a workout space in the open air. These spaces serve as communal hubs for individuals to come together, exercise, and enjoy themselves. By introducing StreetBarbell, we are capturing the attention of young people and individuals in their prime, who lead active and vibrant lifestyles.



We also see ourselves as pioneers of this new age where people want to be fit and healthy, physically active outside – but without having to give up their routine from the gym. We set new standards in outdoor fitness with perfect biomechanics, ease of use, adjustable weight system and safety of sports equipment in public areas. We bring together like-minded people, create places where you meet for sports and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Inspired by legends of bodybuilding such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu and Frank Zane who trained at Muscle Beach in Venice, California, a trend emerged: the outdoor training.

For outdoor facilities, however, there are many things to consider. Since these are publicly accessible places, safety must be ensured, the devices must be firmly anchored and theft-proof, as well as particularly resistant to climatic influences.

So far, you had put the studio devices outside, but have met none of the requirements. Although rusty, you had the desired biomechanics and you could adjust the weights. 

Muscle Beach Venice, CA
Muscle Beach, Miami Beach, FL


This is how the idea and thus the new age of outdoor training came about. StreetBarbell has been redesigned from the ground up to meet all requirements while inspiring both young and old for fitness.
The patented Variable Load System “VLS” makes it possible. Conceivably simple, but ingenious for outdoor use. All StreetBarbell lines have this system, which allows you to adjust the weights, without the discs can be removed from the device.